Sunday, May 09, 2004


We have toiled within the narrow frameworks of political debate laid out by party politics and propounded by the media

We have been numbed by the inane-ness and banality of TV and multiplex cinema

We have marched, protested, squatted and written angry letters of complaint

Taking our inspiration from the minstrels who defeated the mighty Burgundian army at Berne and demonstrated that buffoonery will always be victorious against repression.


1. We believe in the overthrow of the current political order. Parliamentary democracy has resolutely failed and become an agent of war and destruction

2. Money, religion, work, commerce and leisure are all slaves to the Molochs of Capitalism and Imperialism. We oppose them in all their manifestations

3. We advocate the use of Comedy Terrorism in order to achieve our aims

4. We are the Comedy Chemotherapy that kills Corporate Cancer. We are clowns using Idiocy to tackle oppression. We are the Harlequins of the revolution

5. To engage with the existing political order in reasoned debate is to legitimise it. Where others debate and argue we mock and lampoon. Our laughter will shame them

6. We believe that 500 clowns wearing red noses and oversized shoes could defeat a whole battalion of tanks and helicopter gun-ships

7. We believe it is possible to be funny and be right

8. Satirists preach to the converted. G.A.D.A.F.I aim to subvert the masses

9. The global imperial ambitions of the ‘The New American Century’ can be defeated with irony. The American military machine has no response to Ironic Dissent

10. We are inspired by: the Minstrels of Berne, The Mummers of England, Italian jongleurs of the Middle Ages, Lenny Bruce, Dario Fo, The Simpsons and South Park, Jackass, The Biotic Baking Brigade, Ralph Steadman and Steve Bell, and the experience of The Soapbox Cabaret