Sunday, July 11, 2004

Fair Price Day

I'm all in favour of Buy Nothing Day, but may I propose another course of action for those sad souls who need to shop to make themselves happy or who are drawn to GAP woollies.

Fair Price Day where we offer to pay retailers like GAP a fair price for their products based on the cost of the sweatshop labour + transport from across the world + few pennies for their UK staff + nothing for marketing and advertising because we all know what they are about anyway = about a quarter of what they currently charge. Being the good capitalists that they are how can they refuse.

Then even those heartless souls who think sweatshops are preferable to the alternatives of growing your own crops, going to college, learning a craft etc. would jump on board because idiots like that love a bargain and deep down hate the thought of being ripped off and taken for a mug.

This is a comment I made on an Indymedia talkboard debating Buy Nothing Day

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ماريسا said...

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