Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The George and Tony Show

Sing along with George and Tony as they take their routine on a tour of Iraq, Afghanistan with dates pencilled in for Iran, Syria and North Korea
George and Tony: The George and Tony ShowThe George and Tony Show
George: I’m thick as shit
Tony: Yes I know
George: We’re the new Reagan and Thatcher
Tony: I’m thinner
George: I’m badder
Tony: He’s a Republican
George: He’s New Labour, what’s that?
Tony: Whatever you want it to be George
Tony: Our politics are sanitised
George: We even believe our own lies
Tony: And hope that you do too
Tony: So George, what do you think of the Third Way?
George: Hell Tony, I can barely do it the first way.
George: We went to Afghanistan
Tony: To knock them dead with our show
George: We blew away Kabul and Kunduz
Tony: We’ll bomb anywhere
George: We don’t give a damn
Tony: The George and Tony Show
Tony: George, is this Son of Star Wars thing any good?
George: Tony, I hope its better than The Phantom Menace because that sure sucked.
George: We don’t care about International Law
Tony: Mess with us
George: And you’ll get a smart bomb through your door
Tony: Who needs diplomacy
George: When you’ve got B52’s
Tony: With NATO on your side
George: How can you lose
Tony: George, about these "smart bombs"
George: Great, aint they.
Tony: But if they’re so smart why did they all land in Kazakhstan.
George and Tony: The George and Tony ShowThe George and Tony Show
Tony: It’s a hit from Cuba to Kossovo
George: We’re the new enforcers
Tony: You’d better obey us
George: And if you call our bluff
Tony: And make us strut our stuff
George: You’ll have to listen to us sing as well
Tony: And if you talk to anyone
George: In Iraq or Vietnam
Tony: They’ll tell you that it aint so swell.
Tony: Here you go George, have a pretzel
George: Gee thanks Tony.
Watch it here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)http://politics.pingdynasty.com/enr/enr10_11/enr10/index.htm

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