Monday, July 07, 2003

Comedy Terrorism

Since Aaron Barschak, 'the royal party intruder', got the party games going at Prince William's 21st birthday bash by donning a toga and sporting a false beard and promptly got arrested, his antics have been splashed over every paper in the land, caused heated debate in parliament, and now a top ranking Peeler has lost his job.

He claims to be a comedy terrorist and suddenly inteligence chiefs and newspaper editors are wondering about the nature of the previously unheard of spectre and whether it threatens to undermine the very fabric of the state.

Aaron, god bless him, has been at this for some time and has been working up the big one gradually. Hats off to him. Pierce Brosnan nearly decked him when he stormed on stage at the National Film Theatre, he deserves his moment of glory. But Comedy Terrorism this aint.

No, the first renowned Comedy Terrorist is merely a self-publicist attempting to get punters along to his gigs in the upstairs rooms of London boozers. The good news for Aaron is that he'll probably be playing considerably better venues than the Purple Turtle on Essex Road for a few months at least. The bad news for the real comedy terrorists is that they must reclaim their movement, and take advantage of the moment the laughing Osama has provided.

Comedy Terrorism is not about self-publicity.
It is based on the idea that by lampooning the powers of imperialism and oppression we will shame them. It is about having conviction and ideas. Comedy is just a tool to fight for justice and freedom.

Comedy Terrorists believe it is possible to be funny and be right.
The governance of our country is a joke.
George Dubya Bush is self-satirising.
New Labour spin is perfect for a song and dance revue.
So to engage in reasonable debate with these cretins is a waste of time, it legitimises them. The answer is to mock and lampoon.
To strike at the instruments of capital with a red nose on your face.

It must be remembered that a troupe of minstrels defeated the powerful Burgundian army at Berne in the middle ages and enjoy the freedom of that city to this day.
We must remember their lesson, and see Aaron Barschak's impressive stunt as the false dawn of comedy terrorism.

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