Friday, January 09, 2009

Studio Idealyc’s pyramid scheme - Building Design

This article came in on the National Psychogeographic newsfeed - looks at a new development in Spa Fields Islington and how the structure relates to the psychogepgraphy of London. Spa Fields is somewhere I keep being drawn back to - the collision of radical history, mythology connected to springs and wells, pleasure gardens and transgression and how this seems indellably imprinted on the landscape.
Studio Idealyc’s pyramid scheme - Building Design

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Anonymous said...

Great article. I have seen this building a few times on my way to work, and I have to say, the impact in the park is fab. Good work by Studio Idealyc; I would have never imagined this was designed by a student!!! I really like the way this building seats in the context, and specially, the concept behind the design. I have to admit, the article was worth to read. Thanks for your comment and congratulations to the journalist, architect and photographer (they are pretty nice shots!!!)