Thursday, March 08, 2007

Confessions of a climate criminal - #1

Ordered takeaway from local Thai restaurant. This was delivered to my door in a thick plastic carrier bag and consisted of 6 plastic containers with lids (which I have rinsed out and intend to re-use somehow to assuage my guilt – not sure whether this is more ethical than recycling though), two small polystyrene tubs (one containing sweet chilli sauce, the other peanut sauce), and prawn crackers wrapped in the kind of plastic bag that gets stuck in the throats of swans and more endangered forms of wildlife. The meal was delivered by car from a distance of less than a mile away. I washed it down with a large bottle of imported lager bought from Tesco (the walk to buy this item from the temple of climate crime was roughly equal to the distance to the Thai restaurant, a distance I was unwilling to walk to collect my dinner).

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