Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Strange Allegiances of Labour Friends of Israel

Perplexed by The Labour Government’s position on Israel, i.e. unquestioning support for Sharon’s slaughter of the innocents? Well maybe this lot can help explain.
In the words of their own website:

“Labour Friends of Israel is a Westminster based lobby group working within the British Labour Party to promote the State of Israel. Founded in 1956, LFI is today one of the largest interest groups within the Labour Party, with wide support from MP's MEP's and Peers.”

Apparently Tony Blair and Gordon Brown regularly drop by to meetings and the fella they claim is Chair, Stephen Twigg MP (Enfield Southgate), is Blair’s new favourite. Strangely though, there’s no mention of Mr Twigg’s involvement with Labour Friends of Israel on his website which details all sorts of bland details about his Westminster activities. I assumed that this was because someone who proudly boasts to be an ex-employee and supporter of Amnesty International would not want to be associated with a country who Amnesty routinely slam for its violations of Human Rights and International Law.
I contacted Mr Twigg and was very promptly informed that he resigned the post in 2002, but does still receive briefings from Labour Friends of Israel (in his Education post?). Wonder what his old Amnesty chums have to say about that. But there he is today still grinning inanely from their website under the title of Chair.

It’s interesting to look at the interests of some of the other post-holders of LFI:
Mike Gapes MP (Ilford South) apparently likes watching West Ham Football Club so that will explain his blasé attitude to mindless violence.
Ivor Caplin MP (Hove) bizarrely is a member of the League Against Cruel Sports. So this guy gets very upset by fox-hunting but has no qualms about the murder of Palestinian children. Maybe if the Israelis started shooting dogs and goats he might be forced to reconsider his membership of LFI.

I always knew that New Labour were a murky bunch but I think the activities of this lot, who regularly send Labour MPs on junkets to Israel takes it to new depths. They’ve even corrupted the otherwise right-on Oona King MP for lord’s sake.

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